Watauga 45th Reunion

Calling all Watauga College, Watauga Global Community, and Watauga Residential College alumni! Please help us preserve our legacy!

Watauga's 50th Reunion Celebration! Building with Words 

When? 2022

If you missed the 45th celebration, please check our itinerary page and our history to see what you missed! We'd love to hear from you, and our class gift options are still open if you'd like to contribute to the current class of Wataugans.

 Watauga Alumni, please fill out our survey to ensure that our reunion committee has your current information for future reunions. Also if you have any photos of your time in Watauga, please consider sending them to our Graduate Assistant (Crandelljd@appstate.edu) to help us preserve our history! 

 Watauga Faculty, please fill out our survey to ensure that we also have your information up to date, and that we can have accurate records of your legacy.