Watauga Residential College student

Hi! I’m Daelyn, a current Sophomore from Charlotte, North Carolina. I’m an English Major with a concentration in Professional Writing and an aspiring Anthropology minor. Watauga offered me something few other programs could: close-knit learning environments. Small classes provide the one-on-one attention I love. Here, I’m not just a number, but an individual. Through this I’ve developed invaluable relationships with faculty and other students.  I know that if I need a letter of recommendation or just advice about future career options, there will be faculty eager to help. I also know that whenever I need I can talk to other students about issues that concern me and that they will be ready to offer assistance. Watauga has also helped me find a balance between academia and recreation that is often difficult to achieve in your first year of college. Even while maintaining a 4.0 GPA, receiving an invitation to the National Society of Scholars, planning a brand new mentoring program for Watauga, and volunteering in the tech theater department, I still found time to stop and have fun. Watauga encourages you to step out of the background and become an active part of your community, something I know will prove invaluable to me in the future.


My name is Christina and I am from Cary, North Carolina. Watauga's close-knit community and intimate, challenging courses drew me to apply initially. Since then, the friendships I've formed with both students and professors enticed me to stay. Professors and students alike challenged what I thought I knew and encouraged me to delve deeper into topics discussed in and outside of class. I am a Theatre Major with a concentration in Technology and Design.  My minor is Graphic Arts and Imaging Technology and I have a current  GPA of 4.0.


I'm Julia.  I was raised in Raleigh, NC, but moved to Appalachian from sunny California.  I'm pursuing a double major in Sustainable Development and Psychology, with a minor in Non-Profit Studies, and currently hold a 4.0 GPA.  I joined Watauga because I am passionate about alternative, experiential education. I've valued being in a community that cares more about my questions, curiosity, and development than how I look on paper. Being in Watauga gave me access to personable professors who worked to get to know me and give my education some individual attention. Watauga helped me define my educational goals for the rest of my college experience. 

Watauga Residential College student

Hi! My name is Addie and I'm a second year Wataugan from Kitty Hawk on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. For me, making the decision to come to Appalachian State proved to be quite the transition! I chose to apply to Watauga because I was interested in the close-knit community and interesting classes I have only seen offered here. The classes are small and interactive, which is hard to find in a first year class. These classes helped me get closer to my professors and build up the confidence to go talk to my other professors in significantly larger classes. Although Watauga courses can ask for a lot of work, they help students become actively concerned about various issues in the world as well as encourage them to actively seek to solve problems. Watauga isn't all work and no play, though: a good game of four square happens roughly twice a day and helps balance out all the stress. I've found an entire community of best friends and the relationships that this program has helped me build within the past year not only among my classmates, but also my professors and other faculty. These people are like family.

Watauga Residential College student

Hey! I'm Brandon, a junior Wataugan majoring in sociology. Watauga has been challenging in the best way. The courses are all interesting and engaging, but the biggest part is the people. Interacting with the people in my Watauga classes and the dorm definitely was different. In such a community-oriented dorm, you interact with your classmates much more than other places and that impacts the class dynamics. Learning tolerance and respect is a major part of college, and Watauga allows you to appreciate the unique individuals you will meet.

Keven, Matt, Ebuka, and Lauren

Hello! My name is Keven and I'm a junior Wataugan! I'm the second guy from the right in this photo, and these are my some of my Watauga friends: Matt, Ebuka, and Lauren.  My major is Religious Studies and my minor is Non-Profit Management. Watauga has been an incredible experience. I can be a pretty shy person sometimes and one of the many things Watauga has helped me with is embracing who I am and coming out of my shell. In addition to the great social aspects of Watauga, the academic side of this program is equally spectacular. The classes associated with this residential community will encourage inquiry-based learning and individual thinking.The intimate community of Watauga has been a perfect fit and has shaped my college experience in the greatest of ways!


Hi All! I’m Alex, a recent graduate but a current employee of Appalachian State University. I’m originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but lived in Chapel Hill, North Carolina for a number of years during middle school and early high school. I majored in Advertising, with a focus on the Creative Design. I work as the Media & Communications Specialist for Appalachian’s Office of Admissions. I also am a graduate of the Watauga Residential College.

Watauga Residential College takes on education from a different standpoint, and admittedly for a lot of folks it takes getting used to. I was ecstatic to be in classes that were designed to allow you to pursue your interests in more focused and productive ways. I've always been really into digital photography, and my classes let me work on my photographic skills by giving me to choice to do my projects using photojournalism. Not only did it encourage me to refine my photography, but it made me think about education more positively. I use my photography professionally now for the University, and Watauga helped me recognize that creative potential.                                                              

What really sold me on Watauga College was that I was surrounded by people of such diverse interests and backgrounds. They were all devoted to something and had awesome insight and experiences to share. You’re ideas  It pushed me to work extra hard on everything I presented because I wanted every presentation would be of the same caliber. The community was my favorite part of Watauga. I don’t think you could ask for a better way to learn then surrounded by people devoted to their interests.