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Students are required to meet with their Academic Advisor once a semester during their first year at Appalachian, but more frequent meetings are encouraged. Students are urged to see their Academic Advisor anytime academic concerns arise. Students can make an appointment through TracCloud (appointments are required during registration advising in October-November and March-April). During other times students are encouraged to drop in to see the Watauga Advisor, Holly Ambler. The Watauga Academic Advisor's office is located in the academic side of the Living Learning Center on the first floor, office 116.


The mission of advising in the Watauga Residential College is to empower students to take ownership of their education through inquiry based advising that encourages an experiential learning approach to academic planning. Students work with their Watauga advisor to develop an understanding of the meaning of their education. Advising in Watauga is a cooperative effort between advisor and student that consists of the development of the whole person.

Student Requirements

Watauga students are required to take WRC 1103 in the fall of their first year at Appalachian and WRC 1104 in the spring of their first year. These course count as General Education credit. Watauga students can choose to take the Watauga Second Year Writing course WRC 2001 to count as their General Education Second Year Writing requirement for General Education. If choosing the Experiencing Inquiry Integrative Learning Experience theme three additional WRC courses can count towards the General Education. If not choosing that theme Watauga students can count additional WRC courses in the Liberal Studies towards their General Edcuation requirements. 

The Watauga Minor in Experiential, Integrative Learning

Watauga students are eligible to pursue the Minor in Experiential, Integrative Learning.  The link to the minor requirements can be found in the General Bulletin and is based on a students catalog year.