Watauga College's 45th Reunion

Join us this spring to celebrate 45 years of Watauga!

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Meet Our Students

Want to know what it's like to be a member of Watauga Residential College? Read about some of our students below and feel free to email them! They'd love to talk with you more.

Syd Shadrick

Girl in flowers

College: College of Education

Email: shadrickse@appstate.edu

I'm involved in
-Zeta Tau Alpha
-App Ed
-Watauga Residential College
-The Wilson Scholars Program

Hello! My name is Syd and I am a first year Wataugan from Lake Zurich, IL. I am a Special Education major and Spanish minor. I am also currently involved in ACES (Appalachian Community of Education Scholars), am a member of Zeta Tau Alpha, and am a Wilson Scholar and look forward to becoming even more involved on campus.  Appalachian was my first choice for college and I have loved every second of being here. Membership in Watauga has helped me to build a community and family that I would not otherwise have so close by and I know that I have already made friendships that will last a lifetime. Life in the LLC (Living Learning Center) with Watauga has broadened my exposure to different views, personalities and beliefs in the most positive way possible. Living among other Wataugans has helped me to branch out at Appalachian and become more involved with leadership and service opportunities than I ever imagined before coming here .

David Brashier

Man in woods

College:  College of Arts and Sciences (Humanities)

Email: brashierdw@appstate.edu

I'm involved in
-Watauga Residential College
-The Appalachian Newspaper
-Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)
-Epsilon Tau Pi
-App State Rotaract

Hey all! I'm David, a Wataugan and English major. Reading, writing, and the craft of putting thoughts to paper are my passions, and Watauga has proved a great outlet for such skills. As a humanities major, I appreciate thinking critically and understanding varied perspectives. Watauga is a perfect environment for this, and the people I've met and the experiences I've gained in the program have broadened my view of people, and the world around me. As an out-of-state student, adjusting to a new community and North Carolina has been an interesting learning experience. Watauga's community-engaged spirit has allowed me to learn all kinds of things about the Boone area, and it's place in the state as a whole. I also have extensive circles of involvement on campus. To unwind, I love backpacking, mountain biking, and all sorts of outdoor activities the High Country has to offer. Though all this keeps me very busy, such student engagement is what makes the Watauga Residential College a diverse and strong community for Appalachian.

Zoe Chaplin

Girl in front of building

College: Walker College of Business

Email: chaplinza@appstate.edu

I'm involved in
-ACCESS Scholar
-Lewis Family Scholarship Recipient
-Watauga Residential College

My name is Happy APP-y Chappy, but Zoe works too. Appalachian State University has always been my first choice, and I’m lucky enough to be attending a school that loves me as much as I love it. I am a business management major and the first recipient of the Lewis Family Scholarship, the first full-ride scholarship to be given through the Walker College of Business. Watauga Residential College is the place one goes to become the person they want to be. When applying to school as an independent student my senior year of high school, I felt unhindered, but when I arrived on campus for the first time, I struggled to find the community and stability I felt in my hometown of Holly Springs, NC. Watauga Residential College has offered me its overwhelmingly supportive staff and mentors that have navigated me through collegiate and personal struggles ever since that freshman discomfort. It serves as a platform for student success- socially and academically, and has connected me to individuals that continue to shape and grow who I am as a person, that I may not have met otherwise. With its communal lunches, unique curriculum, and its inspiring members, Watauga continues to teach, challenge, and humble its students far beyond the confines of the typical classroom.

Daniel Faber

Man in between trees

College: Undecided

Email: faberdk@appstate.edu

Hey everyone, my name is Daniel Faber. I’m a first year Wataugan from Greensboro NC and I’m currently an undecided major. Believe it or not there are tons of people in college who still have no idea what career they want to pursue in life, and that’s totally normal! Watauga is such a unique community because it can help you explore your own passions while interacting with tons of people from varying backgrounds. I personally think the best aspect of Watauga is the inclusivity; I can’t walk ten feet from my room without bumping into someone I know and striking up a conversation. We all live together in the Living Learning Center, which I absolutely love because it allows for late-night movies fitting a dozen people in a dorm room. The classes are great too, mostly because of the professors. It’s such a strange/satisfying feeling to be able to approach your professors (or even Watauga’s director) so easily on a first-name basis. With all that being said, I’d be glad to help answer any questions about Watauga you may have as an undecided major, so feel free to email me anytime! Go Neers!

Eveland Davis

Girl in front of garden

College: College of Fine and Applied Arts

Email: davisee2@appstate.edu

I'm involved in
-Watauga Lunch Committee
-A figure drawing club each Friday
-the American Sign Language club
--the Swing Dance club

Hello! My name is Eveland. I'm a first year Wataugan and a studio art major at ASU. Some of my hobbies include drawing, cooking, watching movies, and trying new foods. For me, Watauga has opened my eyes to several cultures and views around the world and within my class. Through thought provoking discussion-based class, I am given the opportunity to hear the thoughts and opinions of my amazing peers who enlighten me each day. Not only has my experience here taught me much about others, it has taught me most about myself and about my purpose in the world. I believe WRC has molded me into a more accepting, well rounded, and open minded individual. Most people I have had the pleasure of meeting here also possess these same amazing qualities making it effortless to connect with everyone. Coming to college, I knew that I wanted a community where my talents and ideas were celebrated and I have definitely found that in Watauga.

Ayah Hatcher

Girl in front of flowers

College: Beaver College of Health Sciences

Email: Hatcheras@appstate.edu

I'm involved in
-Willie C. Fleming Scholar
-BSA (Black Student Association)
-Watauga Residential College

Hey! My name is Ayah Hatcher and I am a freshman in the Watauga Residential College. I plan to major in Nursing with a minor in Spanish. I am originally from Chicago, IL but now live in Raleigh, NC. I love volunteering, listening to music, going to football games, and eating. So anytime you need a dinner date, I am your girl. I love Watauga! It helped my transition into college go smoother than I was expecting. The professors are so engaged in making sure you succeed, and the mentors are an extremely valuable advantage that comes with being a Wataugan as well. My time being at App and being a Wataugan has given me a family here on campus, and the diverse number of people I have met has been astonishing. 

Jabari Moore

Man in front of Green house

College:  College of Arts and Sciences (Empirical Sciences)

Email: mooreej1@appstate.edu

I'm involved in
-Watauga Residential College
-The Wilson Scholars Program
-The Chancellor's Student Advisory Board for Diversity Recruitment
-Watauga Cheese Soccer Team.

Hey everybody! My name is Jabari moore, and I’m from Charlotte North Carolina. I am a freshman Biology major here at Appalachian. Coming into Watauga I had no idea what it was or what to expect. I understood that we lived in better housing and had the opportunity to take some very interesting classes, but I did not truly understand what I was getting into. It was extremely relieving and exciting to find that this program would contain some of my closest friends, most interesting classes, and experiences and opportunities to learn that I would not have received elsewhere. Being a part of Appalachian you are already a part of a family, but Watauga has helped me truly feel at home and is a group of people I can always count on to be there for me. Applying to be in Watauga may have been one of the best decisions I’ve made. What is Watauga? It’s a family, a community, a place to learn from your peers as much as you do your professors, and the place I call home. If you have any questions about any of my experiences here at Appalachian please feel free to contact me!

Brendan Bethea

Boy in front of tree

College:  Honors College/Watauga Residential College 

Email: betheabr@appstate.edu

I'm involved in
-Watauga Residential College
-Honors College

Hey, my name is Brendan.  I am a Freshman from Raleigh, North Carolina.  I am majoring in Biology.  I first heard about Watauga from Clark Maddux at an Inside App event and, immediately, I was interested. I was drawn to Watauga by the welcoming and unique environment that the WRC has to offer. During my senior year of high school, I had the opportunity to sit in on a couple of Watauga classes. I was still deciding where I wanted to go to college and those experiences sold me on both App and Watauga. What I found when I visited, and what I continue to find in Watauga, is an exceptionally close-knit community of diverse people and experiences. I’ve met some of my best friends in Watauga and the WRC has provided me with a support system that has made my transition into college very easy. My experience at Watauga has made my time here at App better than I could have imagined and I’m excited for the rest of my journey with the Watauga Residential College.

Kathryn Stranathan

Girl on rocks

College: College of Arts and Sciences (Social Sciences)

Email: stranathankr@appstate.edu

I'm involved in
-Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)
-Appalachian Student Entrepreneurs (ASE)
-Watauga Social Media / Official "Wataugrapher"

Let me tell you a secret: Appalachian wasn't my first choice. When I started the college search, I wanted to find somewhere new. Having grown up only two hours away in Charlotte, I had been to Boone many times before. Appalachian was on my radar, but I wasn't a die-hard Mountaineer (not yet). Then I went to an Open House event. I met Clark & a few freshman Watauga representatives, and I walked up the stairs to the LLC for the first time. I saw the abundant garden spreading out before me, a firepit where people could gather, and the building standing tall at the top of the hill; its Hogwart-esque tower rising toward the sky. I turned around and faced a mountain (Howard's Knob) standing as a magnificent backdrop to the Appalachian Skyline. I thought to myself, "I could live here." Less than a month later I had claimed my spot in the Watauga program. Here I am now in my freshman year, and day after day, I get to walk down those stairs outside the LLC and think to myself, "I can't believe I actually live here." On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I participate in engaging discussions about everything from the nature of our existence to the practices of meditation and yoga. Then on the the weekends, I can go places like Beacon Heights or local pumpkin patches with my new Watauga friends. It's my greatest adventure yet, and I'd love to tell you more about it.