Land Beyond Experience

Wait... What is the "Land Beyond Experience"?

Well let's start from the beginning, Watauga College was established in 1972. It was named after Watauga Hall, its first home on campus. The county, a river, and a nearby lake all share the name of Watauga. Watauga is a Native American word that translates to "whispering waters," "beautiful waters," or "land beyond," all of which describe the region.

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In 1974 Watauga College's program relocated to East Residence Hall, and then to the Living Learning Center in 2003. By then, service and service learning was a large part of ASU and became a key component of WRC.

It was at this time, Dr. Lee Burdette Williams developed a "Day of Service" tradition aptly dubbed "Trail Day." Before classes began, Wataugan faculty and students gathered to build and maintain local nature areas. Much like the name Watauga, this tradition's history has been lost over time.

Wataugan traditions have developed and evolved over the past 50 years. "Trail Day" has since been renamed "The Land Beyond Experience," a nod to our sense of place and a history of tradition, service, and recognition of those who have made it all possible.

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