Peer Advising

Would you like help figuring out your 4-year plan? Or how about your next semester plan?

Watauga’s Peer Advising Program connects first-year students with upperclass students who have a variety of academic experiences and majors. The Peer Academic Advisors are Watauga Residential College upperclass students available to assist their peers with academic concerns. Peer advisers offer advice on a range of academic issues — they can give you their perspectives on balancing course load and extracurricular activities, taking advantage of academic resources like the Student Learning Center and the Writing Center and finding courses in departments outside your range of familiarity. They are a presence throughout the year at late night study breaks and meals in the college, and from time to time they organize advising fairs, workshops and information sessions. 

Peer Advisors support the purpose of the Watauga Advising Office through their efforts to expose students to campus resources and opportunities, encourage students by serving as an advocate and mentor for their professional and personal growth, engage students by connecting them with faculty and campus partners, and empower students by motivating them to take ownership of their education and learn to advocate for themselves along their journey.

The Watauga Residential College seeks academically engaged students interested in gaining leadership experience and providing guidance and mentorship to first year residential students.  Join our team, and apply to become a Watauga Peer Advisor! 

Interested in becoming a peer advisor?