How to Apply

How to Apply

To apply for Watauga Residential College, you must first apply to Appalachian State University.  While you are applying, we suggest you consider seeking some of the prestigious named scholarships available at Appalachian.  To learn more about the application process (including important dates and requirements) go here:

To learn more about Appalachian's signature scholarship opportunities go here:

Remember that you may apply to both Watauga Residential College and the Honors College.  Don't make a decision about applying to Watauga based solely on the average statistics of our entering class.  We have all different majors represented AND all different types of students.  We thrive on diverse students, faculty, and approaches to learning, and your presence here, whether or not you fit into some predefined category, will enrich our community.

Application Process

To start your application process,  go here:


For part of your application process to Watauga Residential College, you will be expected to write an essay. In 300-500 words, please provide a thoughtful response to the following prompt:

Describe an experience in which you discovered something utterly surprising and profound about theworld in which we live OR about the ways in which we engage others.  How will this experience contribute to your living and learning with others in Watauga Residential College?




Average Entering GPA: 4.25

17% Diverse Population

Average SAT: 1262

14% Out of State 

Average ACT: 27

 31% First Generation


 Top 5 Majors:



Political Science

Global Studies



Named Scholarship Awardees:

1 Diversity Scholar

2 Plemmons Leadership Scholars

1 Fleming Scholar